n-Track Studio

n-Track Studio Version 9.0.0 Free trial

Create MIDI files by importing audio from MIDI tracks and edit your music

Let your computer become a complete recording studio, all in the comfort of your home or office. N-Track Studio allows for audio and MIDI Multitrack recording and playback. Supporting simultaneous recording from several 24 and 16 bit soundcards, all the audio tracks are saved as wave files which can be mixed during playback.
The n-Track Studio software features a number of built in effects like Reverb, Chorus and Spectrum Analyser and allows for plug-ins like Audi and DXi Instruments as a sample for accurate MIDI playback. Audio signals can be processed in real-time by using third party plug-ins like AU, VST, and ReWire and through Effect one is able to use the computer as a ‘multi-effects’ device when recording the signal. Once all the tracks are recorded, you will be able to mix down the music and burn to CD.
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